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Essay questions. I have 3 hours to complete this starting right now.1.(TCO 5) Describe the major components of the promotional mix and how the healthcare organization might use these in its promotional plan. (Points : 30) 2.(TCO 6) Define secondary data and describe how they are used in the planning process. Identify at least two sources of secondary data that might be useful to a healthcare marketer/planner. (Points : 30) 3.(TCO 7) Healthcare planners/marketers typically examine the external environment as part of the planning process. Identify and discuss at least four components of the external environment that a healthcare planner/marketer would include as part of his or her environmental analysis. (Points : 30) 4.(TCO 8) Compare and contrast secondary data and primary data. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? (Points : 30) 5.(TCO 10) Define and describe a marketing audit. If you were conducting a marketing audit for your organization, what might you include? (Points : 30)

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