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IBC assignment due
12/8/2014 at 5:00pm

International Business Communications

Write1100-1200 words:

One of your vendors that work closely with your franchise wants to
purchase $10 million in materials and services from suppliers in China, Japan, and South Korea. It was
recommended that the company use an approach to business negotiations that
provides a win-win for both parties. Management was also told they needed to
know the background of the Asian negotiator and that they should use a
“middleman” to help them with the negotiation. Because of your work in China,
the vendor would like your advice in this business dealing.

The middleman stressed the importance of etiquette and social customs in
addition to the win-win model:

What else should the
U.S. Company (vendor) find out about each culture before it starts negotiating?
What are the differences?

How do these Asian
countries view contracts?

How should the U.S. Company
(vendor) begin negotiations?

What are the steps as
they apply to these 3 countries?

Discuss how the company
would negotiate using the win-win model. What sort of strategies would it use?

What trade agreements apply, and how do they affect the
*Ensure you
clearly answer all questions above fully.
specific examples.

*Must be written in APA format

*Must have at least 3 references,
in-text citations, Headings, in APA format

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