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Identify a learning organization (LO). In your Response, name the organization, summarize why you think your topic qualifies as a learning organization, and examine and explain how the organization âs LO-relevant core values and behaviors reflect and support your determination that your topic is an effective learning organization. Along with Week 7 readings on LOs, seek information from your topicâs mission and vision statements, code of ethics, employee expectations and company career benefits (hint: LOs often include this information in job postings and descriptions), announcements and articles about, or interviews of, senior leaders, product or service goals or marketing, and/or press releases. To jump start your LO selection, see becoming familiar with several candidates in the BEST category could be very helpful preparation for this weekâs Question 2.Use the following headings to organize and format your Response:Learning organization: [name]Why [name of LO] is a learning organizationLO-relevant core values and behaviors, activities, and other cultural aspects

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