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Each answer should be between 250-300 words. This assignment should be prepared according to APA style format.Identify the major sections of an Ancient Near Eastern treaty and show were each of these correspond with the Book of Deuteronomy. Explain the content of each these sections within the Book of Deuteronomy and how each is significant for the life of Israel.Discuss the five main offerings discussed in Leviticus 1-7. Name and describe each offering, summarize the important points Leviticus 1-7 makes with each, and discuss the significance of each.Compare the priesthood in the Old Testament (Leviticus 8-10; 16) with the priesthood of Jesus Christ as presented in Hebrews 7-10. Note the points at which Jesus’ priesthood is different from priesthood in the Old Testament. Note why of these points are significant.Give a discussion of the major New Testament text the addresses the issue of how the Christian relates to the law. Reference the biblical book and the chapter of each major text, explain the context of each text within its biblical book, and then explain the main points of each your paper with academic resources.

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