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?Question #2 Chapter 8, Information Tech for HRo be handed in, no more than 2-3 pages.Chapter 9 discusses HR Information & Technology. Using your current company or one you may have worked with in the past (company does not have to be identified).Discuss the following in no more than 2 typed pages.Provide a brief background of the company’s current “state” of Technology as it applies to the HR department.Explain what category your company might fall into and why? Basic: Mainly paper and hard file storage of information. May rely heavily on Excel, word.Intermediate: Basic with some minor software enhancements. Internal reports developed by inhouse IT.Advanced: Fully developed HRIS, and or other commercial or built HR applications as listed in the textWhat are the main deficiencies and what are the goals to be achieved by the new system? Provide examples.For Example: Client departments require specific reports that currently take too long? Are prone to error? Difficult to retrieveComment on each step to the extent it would apply: *Needs analysis (Possible needs include analytics, workforce scheduling, forensics or others)Marketplace (identify vendors, scan the internet, there are many)RFP, Request for Proposal (how you would proceed)Evaluate vendors (how you would proceed)Assignment length 2-3 pages.

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