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Question:1- You are at the end of your internship at an insurance company in Providence. Your boss asks you to create a training manual for incoming new interns in the department. Write down the steps you would take to create a manual that uses principles associated with effective, clear professional communication. Discuss the planning, drafting, and revising process. Highlight key concepts. Note—you do not have to write the documents, but rather explain how you would approach this problem (you can give examples, but you do not need to create these documents).2- Reflect on the key concept of “audience” in your writing this semester. Explain what this concept means in your own words. Summarize what you learned about this concept as you wrote essays, brochures, memos, proposals, emails, and/or letters this semester. As you write, be sure to point to 3-4 examples from your writing in this class that show how you applied (or did not apply) this concept to your own writing. Then, briefly explain how you may carry this concept into future courses and future professional endeavors such as internships. I suggest that you also revisit the course outcomes listed on the syllabus (and tied to key concepts) to help frame your discussion to move beyond broad claims that audience is important.

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