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1.Which of the following enterprise resource planning system solutions is the most expensive to implement and support?Select one:a. Tier IIIb. Tier IVc. Tier Id. Tier II2.Which of the following enables rapid consolidation of financial data across multiple organizational units and countries?Select one:a. A risk management systemb. A well-designed disaster management systemc. A well-implemented enterprise resource planning systemd. A life cycle management system3._____ is a key feature of a customer relationship management (CRM) system that provides the ability to track data on individual customers and sales leads and then access that data from any part of the organization.Select one:a. Unified communicationb. Contact managementc. Desktop sharingd. Asset management4._____ is the use of software to assist in the creation, analysis, and modification of the design of a component or product.Select one:a. Computer-aided engineeringb. Computer-aided designc. Computer-aided manufacturingd. Computer-aided evaluation5.Which of the following can increase the productivity of a designer, improve the quality of design, and create a database that describes a product?Select one:a. Computer-aided designb. An electronic bulletin boardc. Web site hostingd. Tacit-aided design

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