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Assignment InstructionsInstructions: Select an organization of your choosing to perform an abbreviated assessment on and then write a 3-4 page information assurance security plan outline that lays out key considerations for decreasing risk and mitigating assessed vulnerabilities. The outline should contain a brief summary of the assessed challenges, a discussion of key IA considerations, options for addressing assessed risk items, and a recommended mitigation approach for each assessed risk. This assignment is intended to gain an initial application of your IA knowledge and to help you focus on the considerations you might address in your research paper. Further, the selection of a particular organizational network, system or information storage solution will set the stage for the Week 8 risk assessment case study. See the Writing Expectations contained in the Policies section of the Syllabus for specific focus areas / guidance.Submission Instructions: See the Writing Instructions in your Syllabus as well as inserted below. Please submit a Word document in the defined format to your Assignment folder by 11:55PM, Sunday, EST. Your writing assignment will automatically be run through TurnItIn (just submit, you do nothing else) to aid in preparing for your Final Research Paper, and also as a tool to help with proper citation of research source material and appropriate attribution of that material.The level of expectation is; All submission need to be under 15% total originality score, with each individual references no higher than 2% originality score.

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