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Assignment InstructionsInstructions: You must use a minimum of five (5) sources beyond the course textbooks in Week 4. These sources should be from industry articles, journals, academic and professional books, and case studies. You may not use Wikipedia or Webopedia or any of the ‘pedias’ as a reference. Your references must be formatted according to APA 6th Edition style guidelines. See the Writing Expectations contained in the Policies section of the Syllabus for specific focus areas / guidance. The objective of this assignment is to provide the research basis for your research paper effort, expose you to the APUS on-line library to explore peer reviewed materials acceptable for scholarly research, and offer a means to advance your overall knowledge of the information security literature holdings.You must use a minimum of five (5) reputable sources beyond the course textbooks for your research by the end of Week 4. These sources should be from industry articles, journals, academic and professional textbooks, and case studies.I have also included an exemplar for your review. This exemplar presents what is expected from this assignment.The key point of this exercise is to identity relevant, peer reviewed sources; cite them accurately; summarize the key points relevant to your paper; and identify how this source will contribute to your paper.Submission Instructions: See the Writing Instructions in your Syllabus as well as inserted below. Please submit a Word document in the defined format to your Assignment folder by 11:55PM, Sunday, EST. Your writing assignment will automatically be run through TurnItIn (just submit, you do nothing else) to aid in preparing for your Final Research Paper, and also as a tool to help with proper citation of research source material and appropriate attribution of that material.The level of expectation is; All submission need to be under 15% total originality score, with each individual references no higher than 2% originality score.

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