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Assignment Instructions
Instructions: The Risk Assessment case study will use NIST
Special Publication 800-30 (available at
or in the Course Resources area) as the basis for performing
a risk assessment of a selected computing system. Using the Week 6 information
wherein you selected your information system for assessment a initially
populated Tables I-5 and I-7 from the NIST SP800-30, you will now finalize the
creation and population of your adversarial and a non-adversarial risk
assessment patterned after Table I-5 and Table I-7 in NIST SP 800-30 – this
means that you should fill out those two templates as a minimum as part of your
assessment – and provide discussion and analysis from that assessment. This
case study will count for 10% of the final grade. This case study will be due
at the end of Week 8. The case study should be between 7-8 pages long (not
counting the Cover and Reference pages), the Tables can either be embedded in
the text of your discussion or included as attachments to your paper, and will
follow a conventional paper format (Cover page, Body of Paper with
introduction, risk assessment / discussion / analysis / argument / body,
conclusion, and references pages). See the Writing Expectations contained in
the Policies section of the Syllabus for specific focus areas / guidance as
well as conforming with APA 6th edition style guidelines.

Submission Instructions: See the Writing Instructions in
your Syllabus as well as inserted below. Please submit a Word document in the
defined format to your Assignment folder by 11:55PM, Sunday, EST. Your writing
assignment will automatically be run through TurnItIn (just submit, you do
nothing else) to aid in preparing for your Final Research Paper, and also as a
tool to help with proper citation of research source material and appropriate
attribution of that material. The level of expectation is; All submission need
to be under 15% total originality score, with each individual references no
higher than 2% originality score.

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