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InstructionsIn this assignment, you will develop a Campaign Plan from the objectives, to strategy and tactics, allalong paying attention to the concepts covered in the courses, and drawing upon the situational analysisthat you have completed in the previous assignment. Please note that the plan you will submit here is acomplete plan that is solidly grounded in rationale, drawing from theory and connected clearly toresearch presented in the situation analysis. Please pay attention to the concepts on theory, objectives,strategy and tactics covered throughout the courses.Background situation:You are the campaign manager for a campaign on the health and wellbeing of FDWs in Singapore. Yourresearch initially demonstrates that the treatment of FDWs in Singapore is a problem. Now refer back toyour situation analysis and the statement of the problem you developed. In this assignment, you willmap out the elements of the Campaign Plan.Please take the following steps in developing your plan:1. Based on the problem statement offered in your situation analysis, establish your objectives.Please make sure to offer clear rationale for your objectives.2. Outline your communication strategy to achieve the objectives. Please make sure to offer clearrationale for your strategic plan. Make sure that the communication strategy specifically containsa new media component. For this component of the campaign, you are allocated a budget of S$1500.3. Provide a tactical plan for carrying out your campaign strategy. Please make sure to outline thenew media component of the plan, with the S$ 1500 budget in mind.4. Outline the evaluation framework you will use to measure the success of your campaign.Your word limit for this assignment is 5000 words. The entire assignment is worth 250 points. To pass theassignment, you will need to score at least 150 points (60%).Review criterialessIs the objectives established? Is a clear rationale also offered? (50 points)You will need to clearly defined the objective and also provide adequate rationale.Is an outline of the communication strategy to achieve the objectives provided? Is a clear rationale forthe strategic plan also offered? (100 points)You will need to clearly define the strategies; covering at least 4 different elements of strategy. It shouldcontain new media element and adequate rationale have to be provided.Is a tactical plan for carrying out the campaign strategy provided? (50 points)You will need to offer a tactical plan with clear rationale and include a new media component.Is an outline of the evaluation framework to measure the success of the campaign provided? (50points) You will need to offer an evaluation outline with clear rationale.

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