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Your response to each of the following questions should be ½ page per question (theentire assignment should be 3-5 pages total + a title and reference page.) James and Jane, an Asian-American couple, came for family therapy to help them withtheir 6 year old son and 5 year old daughter. Jane tells you that when their daughter wasborn, the son, who was 14 months old at the time, became very angry and she worriedthat he might hurt the new baby. James tells you that the kids fight all the time. Jamesworks 10 hour days. Jane is a stay at home mom and you notice she is on the verge oftears throughout the session. Briefly respond to the following in direct and specific regard to the above scenario. Donot add any information. Respond using the details you are provided withabove.1. How would the concept of resilience work for this family?2. Which of the following family therapy models do you think might work best for thisfamily and why?§ Satir§ Whitaker§ Object Relations Family Therapy§ Strategic family therapy.3. What are some of the findings, confirmed by research, that might help this family?4. How might a collaborative practice be important to pursue with this family? ASSIGNMENT 4 2 5. What significance does a consideration of gender issues and multiculturalism play inworking with this family?6. In consideration of the code of ethics, do you have any concerns for this family andwhy?7. Explain how an Adlerian family therapist might assess the possible goals of the son’smisbehavior.8. During therapy with this family, what role would Bowen play and what would he mostlikely to do?

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