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This week you are reading about how the political and economic environment of a global organization, as well as the problem that it is oriented to, influence its structures and processes. In turn, structures and processes shape collaboration, collective action, and organizational action. With this in mind respond to the following prompts based on this organization- WHO — a significant political or economic dynamic that promotes or challenges the growth, development, and action of your organization (Eitzen & Zinn, 2012; Moghadam, 2013).Then be sure to do the following:Include links to images, artworks, or music that support your points. Be sure to explain how they relate to a concept from one of the readings.Readings to be include as references — USE MUST USE THESE REFERENCES TO WRITE THE ANSWER * I can give you access to the books once you accept assignement.*Cooperrider and Dutton (1999) – Chapter 4Connerley and Pedersen (2005) – Chapters 6-7Eitzen and Zinn (2012) – Chapter 5Moghadam (2012) – Chapters 2-3

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