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Q1:Before attending this leadership course, I thought leadership is an innate ability. Butnow I realize, it is not. According to the book, leadership can be learned, that selfawareness is critical to leadership development, and that people can learn, grow, and change so that they can become the kind of leader needed for the context inwhich they live and work. As a result, leaders are made, not born.Leadership happens at all levels in organizations, families, and communities. Thediscovering leadership framework based on five key topics: Current organizationalrealities; Leadership vision; Leadership values; Leadership profile; Current personalrealities. I see these five key topics as important factors to understand ourselvesbetter as the role of leader; I certainly believe only if we understand ourselves bettercan we lead a better team. There is a quote from the book that I like “We believethat the most effective leaders are those who commit themselves to getting betterday by day and week by week and them apply their skills to improving the lives ofother people in the organizations in which they work or their communities.” I think It’struth that leading an effective team requires us to have the ability to manageourselves and our behaviors.From my experience learning in this course, I found a manager is distinguished froma leader. A manager is somebody that can get something done within a function sothey can manage people or manager project and function, but it’s always arounddetail. As a leader, on the other hand, not always into the details, but they areexcellent at motivation people, they are setting a vision and getting people to want tofollow them.These are three I think the most significant discoveries for the course:1. Acting as a mentor. They are many ways we can have a positive impact onpeople, and mentoring is one of them. And, we don’t just need to offer thismentorship in a workplace environment. We can even do this with friends and peers,on a range of ideas, not just career based things. For doing so, we need to providethat person we are mentoring with the opportunity to develop skills based on ourexperiences how can we help them. So, in essence, we are acting as an advisory tothese people.2. Provide opportunities for growth. We need to help others by creating anenvironment or a culture where everybody feels seen heard of value they candevelop and excel. As a leader, it’s our job to create an environment where everyonecan just be flourish. We should, as a leader, do this all the time, it is not limited just tothe workplace, also in our personal life, and make it a habit in all of ourcommunication.3. Lead by example. We need to be bold, need to make those hard decisions; weneed to trust our gut into things and listen to it. If we want somebody to follow us, wecan not be the person telling equity to do this and not being prepared to do itourselves. Therefore, I believe, as a leader, we should be bold, and we need to bebrave at the meantime. Q2: You visit a fortune teller. She tells you that your job will be eliminated andyour organization will cease to exist in one year. What will you do? Q3: Describe the most effective presentation you have personally witnessed.What specifically about the presentation and/or the presenter was effective?What do you need to remember to do to be similarly effective whenpresenting?Q1 needs grammar checkWrite 500-600 words in total to answer Q2 and Q3 (250-300 words for each question)

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