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Marriage & FamilyResearch paperI highly encourage you to pick a topic that is of personal interest and potentially onerelated to your desired major and/or career path. Option #1: Research PaperYour paper will be comprised of five major sections:Introduction – provide an interesting and informative opening paragraph thatintroduces your topic while at the same time encourages your reader tocontinue reading your paperLiterature Review – this is the part where you demonstrate your ability toresearch the topic and link your findings to the material. *Do not justsummarize each source, but rather make it into a fluid, well-organizeddialogue about the research on your topic.Theoretical Framework – you will need to apply a sociological theory to yourtopic (you are not limited to the theories in your book).Reflection & Real Life Connections – relate the topic and your researchfindings to your lifeConclusion – bring it all together by writing a concise conclusion that sumsup your researchYou will be required to write a traditional research paper on a given topicusing at least 3 scholarly sources. APA format will be used throughout yourpaper.

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