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About 1-1.5 pages for both answers.1) Peter Plaint began working as a financial officer for Major Industry, with his primary responsibilities being to work on pricing and financial projections. Peter became friendly with Paula Swoon one of the few women who worked as a technical worker at the plant and the parent of four children. Over lunch, a frequent topic of conversation was the lack of safety at the plant. Paula told Peter that some workers came to work hung-over and “drugged out” and that they were contributing to a general atmosphere of risk. She was concerned because she didn’t see management doing much about it, and she seldom saw government regulators. Because of her family obligations, however, she didn’t feel free to risk retaliation for any complaints. Peter decided to act. In February he called a friend who worked at The Press, and told him that ineffective management was allowing rampant safety violations at Major Industry. Not wanting to identify Paula (she feared losing her job), Peter convinced his friend that he was a reliable source. The Press ran a story, without naming Peter, but giving enough information make it clear that he was their source. The CEO was furious. Within a week, a private investigating company convinced the CEO that Peter (who continued to lunch daily with Paula) and Paula were the source of the complaints. Both were fired. Discuss in detail whether or not Peter should be fired for leaking the information to the press by applying whistleblower laws learned from the text. Did the company have a right to fire Peter and Paula?2) “In most states today, employers can fire anyone for any reason.” Do you agree with this statement? Explain in detail your answer.

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