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These 2 questions answered with APA citation.1) Take a position on the following statement: “All advertising for alcohol should be banned.”2) A new company, “Beauty X”, owned by Sam Smooth, started advertising on television and radio that anyone who used his special cream for at least three months would look at least ten years younger. The television ad showed several ladies who looked much younger and happier after using the cream.After an alleged three months of usage, while raving about the cream’s benefits, they were pictured going to a fancy party with much younger men. The product cost was $50 per jar, and Sam provided a money-back guarantee. A large number of users returned the cream. Sam claimed that he got the formula from leaders of a South American Indian tribe.After a few months, a complaint was filed against Sam under the Lanham’s Act. Sam’s defense was that he gave anyone who asked for his or her money back and that he was just going by what the leaders of the tribe told him.What remedies do the consumers of the cream have against the company? Can Sam Smooth be held liable under the Act, and why or why not?

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