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Memo:You are a consultant with a public relations and political communications firm. The principals haveassigned you to help Republican Texas state Sen. Glorious Applebottom determine the advertisingstrategies for his campaign to become the state’s next U.S. senator next year. Assume that Applebottomalready has local but not statewide name recognition. He has served for 6 years (he is in his second term)in the Texas state senate, but has never held statewide office. He is now seeking national office.Applebottom has come to you with a couple ideas but mostly he wants to evaluate the relative value ofusing guns in his campaign advertising. This is the latest trend for candidates in both parties, and hethinks being pro-gun is the way to go.INSTRUCTIONS7-10 page memo (no thesis) analyzing the use of guns in ads for a potential Republican US Senatecandidate. Address the memo to Applebottom. Set up the question and get right to the analysis. Bespecific in the analysis. Include a specific recommendation on whether to run a gun ad or not.What you should explain to Applebottom:1.) Which audiences each ad targets (some seek multiple audiences) and which other audiencesthat might be offended2.) Are gun rights the focus of each ad? What else is mentioned?3.) Were the ads successful? Did the candidate win the election in which these ads ran? (links downbelow)4.) What should or should not be included in Applebottoms ad?5.) Recommend whether a gun ad is more valuable in a primary campaign or general electioncampaign and why.6.) What is your final recommendation to Applebottom? Would similar ads appeal to Texas voters?7.) Remember: The value of gun ads will vary by audience and you should address the differencesbetween the audiences in the primary and general election.Few links to gun ads are down belowEstakio Beltran Democrat- Washington (2014) Ernst, Republican – Iowa (2014) Manchin, Democrat – West Virginia (2010) Brooke, Republican- Alabama (2014)

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