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· Mod 7: For Your Success
Analyze barriers organizations face
in the change process
Interpret the impact on change
strategy development and implementation when addressing multiple countries.

· Mod 7: Readings Required
· Chapter 5 in Implementing Organizational Change
I. Removal and Replacement
One of the most successful ways to sustain momentum for change is to
reinforce the type of behavior needed to support the change. However,
sometimes behavioral modification does not take place as planned. When
this happens, the ultimate goal related to the change process is
jeopardized. HR professionals need to monitor the momentum for change
frequently and be prepared to address behavior issues before they can create a
negative influence on the workforce as a whole.

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HR professionals also need to balance the benefits of free agency and
control at the same time. During a transformational process, information
sharing, autonomy in decision making and the solicitation of new ideas are
generally encouraged. However, there is still the need for some control
and boundaries.
Finally, HR departments need to reengineer the recruitment process to focus
on selecting individuals with a combination of defined skills and behavioral
values. The one thing that most organizations have learned is that change
is constant. Therefore, hiring an individual who does not have the
capacity or desire to change can be problematic.
Informal recognition and encouragement can help convince employees that the
new way of working will not only support the quality movement and philosophy
but will create a more efficient status quo. Periodically, it is
necessary to remove some employees and in some cases key employees who cannot
support the transformational change. HR professionals who can take these
bold steps will help the organization create fundamental and enduring change.

As we think about developing and
implementing change, we must consider factors that may influence strategies and
plans for international organizations. If you manage across different
countries, what are implications for organizational change implementation?
Search the library to find 3
scholarly articles or case studies relative to change initiatives that included
multiple countries. Assess the elements that might have impacted the
development of change strategies and implementation of change plans. Then,
synthesize the information and present a 300 word explanation of your findings.
Use citations to support your facts.
If professor asks about part one
reply in 50 words
Respond to at least 2 other students’
original posts. Each reply to the student post should be 80 to 100 words
(This will be sent when I receive the
posts from students)

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