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Unit 2 [MT358: Social Media Marketing] Unit 2 Assignment: BloggingYou are gaining an understanding of the importance of being heard through Web design, blogging,and micro-blogging. Social media today could be described as a simple method of being heard now.In the first unit you became aware of the value and impact of social media on advertising. Now youare going to look at the value of social media at the product or service level.You have 2 options:1. You can use the same product as used in your MT357 eMarketing Strategic Plan. This willallow you to add to your eMarketing Strategic Plan, the strategy of utilizing social media at ahigher level to market your product or service.2. Select a product or service that you will use all through the remainder of this course.Assignment:Based on the option selected above, you will provide a 2–page (APA formatted) paper with twosupporting references on the best methods of applying Web techniques and blogging to your product.NOTE: Your paper should be in APA format and cite all references used.Submit to the Assignment Dropbox. Unit 2 [MT358: Social Media Marketing] Grading RubricCriteria MaximumPercent MaximumPoints ContentAnswer provides correct and complete information demonstratingcritical thinking: 50%13 Application and use of the exercisesAbility to utilize materials in the course and apply it to reallifeAnalysis and Critical Thinking Determine the best application of material to developpersonal and business branding Determine how materials apply for business and personalapplicationsWriting Style, Grammar and APA Format Develop all written course materials in APA formatUtilize peer reviewed references from qualified sources(library, professional journals, etc.) 30%7 20%5 TOTAL100%25

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