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Experiment 1: Bacteria Isolation from Soil SamplesData Tables and Post-Lab Assessment Post-Lab Questions1. Observe the two sets of plates. Determine the CFU/mL of each solution (normal andheated), remembering to use a plate that has between 30 and 300 colonies. Please refer tothe resources shared by your instructor in the classroom to assist in this process. ©eScience Labs, LLC 2013 a. Is there a difference in the CFU/mL counts for the two treatment conditions?b. What accounts for this difference? ©eScience Labs, LLC 2013 2. How are the colonies from the two treatment conditions different (e.g. size, color, shape, etcetera)?3. What effect does the heating and cooling procedure have on the bacteria present in the soilsamples? 4. What is the source of the bacterial colonies in the heated samples? ©eScience Labs, LLC 2013

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