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Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In” By Roger Fisher and William Ury Book Report Guidelines You must organize and write book report using the headings a) Executive Summaryb) Analysisc) ApplicationThe length of your report should be 2,500 ­ 3000 words; double­space 12 point Arial font with 1­inch margins all around. Here is a description of the content you must include in each section: a. Executive summary: In your own words provide summary of the book. Highlight the key issues and concepts in the book. b. Analysis: Use only three of the ten PMBOK areas for analysis (Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Communication, Human Resources, Risk, Procurement, Integration, and Stakeholder Management). Write your reflection regarding the lessons you learned using ONLY three of the PMBOK knowledge areas. Use example from the book to support your analysis. c. Application: Write how you would apply the lessons learned for your own project. Support your lessons learned using personal examples.

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