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Book: Neither Man Nor WomanIn the United States a man who intentionally has his penis and testicles cut off would be considered crazy by most people and in need of hormonal and psychological therapy by a small minority. Yet, though the hijras provoke ambivalence in many Indians, they are considered neither crazy nor candidates for therapeutic intervention. Why is this? Make sure you consider both mythological and social/structural reasons.How does the hijra community provide both family and occupational structure for its members? Be specific and provide examples.One of the most interesting aspects of Nandaâs discussion of the hijras is her contention that Americans (and most Westerners) think along generally dichotomous lines, especially when it comes to gender issues. By contrast, says Nanda, the lives of the hijras illustrate not only that in some cultures (i.e., India) people contemplate more than two genders, but that individuals may participate in gender roles differently at different times in their lives. Apply this last insight (that oneâs participation in gender roles varies throughout oneâs life) to one of the other books we have read. I think it would be very difficult to use with Guests of the Sheik, but interesting and productive with Nisa.Your essay must answer all three questions. You can do this in three separate sections or in one integrated essay, whichever seems easier to you.Do not exceed five, typed, double-spaced (or whatever you computer thinks is like double spaced) pages in writing this essay, but it seems unlikely that you could do a reasonable job in fewer than three pages. Part of your success will depend upon your being able to pack a lot of content into a small space

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