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NR504 Week 1 Discussion latest 2017 marchEssentials of Leadership (graded)A leader has the ability to combine commitment for improvement with knowledge regarding how to exercise influence and engage support (Dickson & Tholl, 2014). In the areas of nursing and public health, the focus is on improving health. Porter-O’Grady and Malloch (2015) noted several major tasks of 21st-century healthcare leaders. Applying essentials of leadership, select two (2) tasks from the following list of tasks and discuss how you would exercise influence and engage support for each of your selected tasks.Deconstructing the barriers and structures of the 20th centuryAlerting staff about the implications of changing what they doEstablishing safety around taking risks and experimentingEmbracing new technologies as a way of doing workReading the signposts along the road to the futureTranslating the emerging reality of health reform into language that the staff can useDemonstrating personal engagement with health reformHelping others adapt to the demands of a value-driven health systemCreating a safe milieu for the struggles and pain of changing practice and serviceEnumerating small successes as a basis for supporting staffNR504 Week 2 Discussion latest 2017 marchLeadership Whirlwind (graded)Step into a Leadership Whirlwind by clicking on the icon below. After listening to the “Whirlwind” identify two issues and develop a specific plan that would facilitate improvement for C.J. Your plan requires scholarly support for the actions as well as providing C.J. information useful for improvement.Peer response: For the peer response, you assume the role of C.J.’s immediate supervisor who must review and approve the improvement plan. You need to select a peer’s initial posting, review the suggested plan, provide feedback regarding the stated plan, and you must add one different technique/action to improve the identified plan.NR504 Week 3 Discussion latest 2017 marchComplexity Communication (graded)The following is a quote from James Humes—“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”Porter-O’Grady and Malloch (2015) noted the presence of complexity communication. Critical listening, critical questioning, and critical thinking were each identified as an element of complexity communication. Select two of the three elements and discuss how the element applies to leadership within healthcare and strategies to incorporate the element as part of one’s leadership skills.NR504 Week 4 Discussion latest 2017 marchEmotionally Incompetent Behaviors (graded)Emotionally incompetent behaviors can destroy a team’s ability to achieve a specific goal. From the following list of incompetent behaviors (Porter-O’Grady & Malloch, 2015), select one behavior, develop a fictitious example that demonstrates the selected behavior, and then identify two techniques that a leader could use to help develop the individual. Scholarly support is required.Emotionally incompetent behaviors:Acting as devil’s advocateDisplaying a bad attitudeDisplaying a superior attitudeTolerating errorsFailing to balance work and relaxationNR504 Week 5 Discussion latest 2017 marchUnderstanding Strategic Leadership (graded)Describe the strategic leadership process and why strategic strategies are of essence when building an organizational/agency vision and leading change.NR504 Week 6 Discussion latest 2017 marchModels for Change (graded)Describe the fundamental elements of a model for change, such as steps involved in the process, approach in mobilizing the change process, and what is needed to sustain the results.NR504 Week 7 Discussion latest 2017 marchIdentifying and Associating With Professional Coalitions (graded)Involvement in interdisciplinary professional coalition/organizations allows the healthcare professional to stay current in their field or specialty, gain an understanding and navigate socio-political environments, as well as contribute their ideas to their healthcare specialty.Research your state’s exemptions and differences within your state regarding laws requiring vaccinations for school-age children.Find the professional coalition/organization that supports the use of vaccines for school-age children.As a group, discuss the pros and cons of the above scenario and your stance of this controversial public health risk.NR504 Week 8 Discussion latest 2017 marchYou and Your Leadership Journey (graded)Week 8 has arrived and it provides an excellent opportunity to reflect—to self reflect on your leadership journey that started eight weeks ago. For the discussion provide a comprehensive response to each of the following topics:1. Based upon your learning experiences in NR 504, identify two areas that were new to you regarding leadership and how will you use these two areas in your future professional nursing practice area.2. Speculate on how you could use the leadership concepts presented in NR 504 to guide your final MSN practicum project.

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