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Guidelines for the National
Institute of Health(NIH) Training
The purpose of this assignment is to provide students
a deeper understanding of the history of the legal and ethical issues related
to research and informed consent.
This assignment enables the student to meet the
following Course Outcomes:

(CO5)Analyze the ethical and legal principles of
research and of the function of an IRB (POs 4, 5, 6, 10).

Submit the assignment to the NIH Training Certificate
Dropbox by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (MT), at the end of Week 4.
Through this assignment, the student will
1. Analyze
the ethical implications of research for various populations (CO 5).
2. Describe
the history of ethical dilemmas in research (CO 5).
3. Relate
the informed consent process to the ethical principles of research (CO 5).
Go to and register for
the NIH Training on the use of human subjects in research and work through the
tutorial. When you have completed the tutorial, you will be awarded a
certificate of completion. Make a copy of the certificate and submit it to the
NIH Training Certificate Dropbox. This training should take 2–2.5hours to
complete. If you have taken this training within the past year, you may submit
that certificate. If you took the training more than a year ago, you need to
retake the training course for NR505.
The NIH Training Certificate will be checked for
authenticity. Submitting a non-authentic certificate will result in a zero for
this assignment.

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