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Planning Your Visit–Public Talk Video (Part B)
Guidelines and Grading Rubric
The purpose of this assignment is to: (a)
identify communication strategies that support an effective policy
making-presentation/visit(CO #2);(b) deliver a message andmake recommendations
(CO #2,3), and (c) communicate ideas in a clear, succinct, and scholarly
manner. (CO#3)
This assignment enables the student to meet
the following course outcomes:
(CO #2) Employ strategies to affect the
development, implementation, and consequences of policies at the institutional,
local, national, and international levels. (PO 4, 8, 10)
(CO #3) Communicate with policymakers to
advocate for effective policies that affect nurses and nursing, consumers, or
the health care system. (PO 2,3,10)
(CO #5) Advocate for institutional, local,
national, and international policies that influence health care and its
consumers and nurses and their nursing practice. (PO2,10)
Date: Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 5
Points: 75points
Criteria for Presentation
1. Articulate your policy priority message in
3 minutes or less by video.
2. Video is to be of clear image and audible
the Video
completion of Planning Your Visit Ungraded Worksheet 2, any
video may be uploaded onto the discussion threads (smartphone or from your
computer). The video is to be of yourself delivering your priority message. It
is to be succinct and to the point (3 minutes or less). The video is to be of
good quality; easily read.

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