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Week 1 discussion
Consider the community surrounding your school of nursing.
Pick two environmental conditions and assess these conditions. Where do you
think you could locate data to support your observations?

Week 2 discussion
Look through several major newspapers for articles that
discuss care for the elderly in the community or care for those at the end
stage of a life-threatening illness. Then answer the following questions:
A) What is the role of a community health nurse in assisting
families in the care of the elderly in their homes?
B) What are some of the barriers related to the initiation
of home care services in communities?
C) How does living in an urban area versus a rural area
affect home care services?

Week 3 discussion
Within your community, there has been a large increase in
teenage smoking, and community leaders are developing a plan to decrease the
incidence of smoking. To help them, you will:
A) Develop a research question to address the problem.
B) Determine what kind of study should be undertaken.
C) Design a study to decrease the incidence of smoking in

Week 4 discussion
Recently, immunizations have become a major topic in health
care at the governmental level. Based on community-level data, you have
identified the need to increase immunization rates in the refugee and immigrant
population in your community. Whom might you enlist as partners in planning and
implementing programs to achieve desired health outcomes at the community
level? Why did you select these partners?

Week 5 discussion
Complete your Week 5 required discussion prompt.
You are a school nurse. A student comes into your office and
is hesitant to share his thoughts with you. What could you say or do to develop
a therapeutic alliance?

Week 6 discussion
An 86-year-old male parishioner is on hospice care at home, and
his daughter, who is a nurse, has been trying to meet all his physical needs
around the clock. The pastor, who made a home visit, calls the faith community
nurse to express his concern that the daughter is becoming “burned
out.” How can the faith community nurse engage the faith community as a
whole to provide volunteer support to this family?

Week 7 discussion
After viewing your classmates’ presentations, describe some
new things you learned about two different vulnerable populations other than
the one you researched.

Week 8 discussion
As you look back on Sessions A & B of Public Health
Nursing, reflect on what you knew then and what you know now about the role of
the public health nurse and her/his importance locally as well as globally to
various communities.

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