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Critical Thinking Chapter 10 Oceanography1. Why is the oceans neritic zone likely to be eutrophic where as the open ocean is more likely to be oligotrophic?2. What causes an algal bloom and what are the potential consequences for marine life in terms of availability of dissolved oxygen?3. Describe the daily changes in the environmental conditions of the intertidal zone.4. Why are adaptations for buoyancy essential for the survival of marine animals?5. Explain how many types of zooplankton avoid predation through vertical migration.6. How might shrinkage of the Arctic ice cover (because of global warning) impact polar bears?7. Provide several examples of how marine organisms avoid sinking to the bottom.8. Birds feed at ta relatively high trophic level in marine food webs. What is the significancethis for bioaccumulation of persistent toxins?9. What is the source of food energy for marine organisms that live in the deep. Dark ocean bottom?10. Summarize the major differences between marine and terrestrial food webs.Critical Thinking Chapter 15 Oceanography1. How might human activities be regulated in the ocean commons?2. How does human population growth in the coastal zone impact the quality of the marine environment?3. What are some of the disadvantages of dams constructed across large rivers that empty into the ocean?4. What can be done to restore a beach that was extensively eroded following construction of a dam across a river?5. Explain why water quality specialists use a drainage basin (or watershed) approach when inventorying pollution sources for Chesapeake Bay.6. Why is federal state partnership needed for restoration of the Chesapeake Bay estuary?7. Why are physical and chemical properties important considerations in regulating the type of waste materials that are dumped into the ocean?8. What is the purpose of the Precautionary Principle?9. Why is Antarctica and the surrounding Southern Ocean given special status for exploitation of marine resources?10. What fundamental assumption underlies the concept of an ocean commons?

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