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Read and cite in your Module 6 paper (3 points):Roosevelt, T.R. (1996). Giraffe and ElephantThen choose two additional articles to read, discuss, and cite as part of your module 6 paper (6 points):Ungerleider, J. (2008). Conflict. Chapter 8 in Effective Multicultural Teams: Theory and Practice. ASU Library Electronic Holdings.Lubin, G. (2014). 25 Fascinating Charts of Negotiation Styles Around The World. Business Insider- Singapore.Thomas, K.M. (2004). Conflict, Perceptions of Justice, Privilege, and Diversity. Chapter 7 in Diversity Dynamics in the Workplace. Wadsworth.Jehn, K.A. & Greer, L. (2013). Diversity as Disagreement: The Role of Group Conflict. Chapter 10 in The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work. ASU Library Holdings.Gunkel, M., Schlaegel, C., & Taras, V. (2015). “Cultural Values, Emotional Intelligence, and Conflict Handling Styles: A Global Study”. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2015(1), 10708-10708.Gonçalves, G., Reis, M., Sousa, C., Santos, J., Orgambídez-Ramos, A., & Scott, P. (2016). Cultural intelligence and conflict management styles. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 24(4), 725-742.Describe insights or reminders gained from the readings. Be specific to demonstrate your engagement of the module materials âdo not simply summarize or regurgitate the readings but focus on these issues:What did you learn about diversity conflict in organizations? How do the concepts, etc., presented enrich your understanding of the ways in which organizations and the people working in them function?What sort of diversity conflict have you witnessed in organizations in your present or past (or in the organizations of your loved ones if youâve only âwitnessedâ it from a distance)? Explain in terms of the concepts presented in the readings.Consider how the Giraffe and Elephant âkey dynamicsâ relate to diversity managementHow will these concepts affect the way that you will behave in the organizations in your life?Be sure you tie in having done the Personal Diversity Maturity index and connect it to the readings. And what did you learn about yourself from doing it? (For instance, how did you score? Did any situations prove easier or harder for you?)Logistics:Papers should be between4 pages (minimum) and6 pages (maximum), be double spaced and use 12 pt font. Remember to incorporate your readings into your paper and use in-text citations. Points will be deducted if proper citations are not used. No separate works cited page is needed here unless you use other sources than I provided you.HOWEVER, please list your cited works at the end of your paper for verification of paper assignment sources. Aim to use your own words, but when you quote or paraphrase, remember that in addition to including the author and date in the citation, you also need to include the page number of the quote: (Smith, 2015, p.1).PAPERS SHOULD BE WRITTEN AT A JUNIOR/SENIOR QUALITY LEVEL OF WRITING, GRAMMAR, AND CRITICAL THINKING.

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