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Assignment :A 3-5 page paper, double spaced (12 font), that addresses one of the following topics:A) Pension Crisis – In the United States there is a looming economic issue that could be the equivalent of the 2007 housing bubble. Should a significant amount of the current US pension obligations fail, individuals around the US could see their retirement plans significantly change. People will have to work longer, spend less, and forego essentials. This could also lead to political changes and banking reforms.B) Compare and contrast the views of the Peterson book against other economic thoughts. Ideally, you’ll find articles in which other economists disagree with Peterson and discuss their disagreements with his thoughts. The key to this paper will be discussing which person’s argument you find most compelling. Use the text book to add to your discussion of the material when possible.References: Please notate any articles, book or other material you quote or source in your essay.Format : APA – however, grading is on content and thoughts, not language and spelling. Please use spell check to get rid of the basic concerns.

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