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Personal Changes Paper Format 1) Examine a major change in your life, whether personal or workrelated, that you found challenging and difficult to make.2) Describe the situation in a paper of 1,000–1,200 words. Include thefactors discussed in the module and how they affected your reactionsto thechange. Include a discussion of how these factors could have beenused to make the change easier or smoother. 3) Please do not share with public once completed.4) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines withcitation and references no older than five years old. 5) This assignment uses a grading rubric (See below). Please review therubric prior to beginning to become familiar with the assignmentcriteriaand expectations for successful completion of the assignment.Thanks. 70.0 %Content40.0 %Demonstrateunderstanding ofthe change processby describing a lifechange. Include thefactors discussed inthe module andhow they affectedyour reactions tothe change. Includea discussion of howthese factors couldhave been used tomake the changeeasier or smoother.30.0 % 1Unsatisfactory0.00% 2Less ThanSatisfactory65.00% Does notdemonstrateunderstanding ofthe change process,factors that affectreactions tochange, and how tomake changeeasier. Does notdemonstratecritical thinkingand analysis of thematerial. Demonstrates onlyminimalunderstanding ofthe change process,factors that affectreactions tochange, and how tomake changeeasier.Demonstrates onlyminimal abilities forcritical thinkingand analysis. Does not use Provides some 3Satisfactory75.00% Demonstratesknowledge of thechange process,factors that affectreactions tochange, and how tomake changeeasier, but hassome slightmisunderstandingof the implications.Provides basiccritical thinkingand analysis. Doesnot includeexamples ordescriptions.Supports main Integratesinformation fromoutside resourcesinto the body ofpaper. references,examples, orexplanations. supportingpoints withexamples, butexamples andminimalexplanations andexplanations and no includes fewreferences.references tosupport claims andideas. Paper lacks anydiscernible overallpurpose ororganizing claim. Thesis and/or mainclaim areinsufficientlydeveloped and/orvague; purpose isnot clear. Thesis and/or mainclaim are apparentand appropriate topurpose. 8.0 %Argument Logicand Construction Statement ofpurpose is notjustified by theconclusion. Theconclusion does notsupport the claimmade. Argument isincoherent and usesnon-crediblesources. Sufficientjustification ofclaims is lacking.Argument lacksconsistent unity.There are obviousflaws in the logic.Some sources havequestionablecredibility. 5.0 %Mechanics ofWriting (includesspelling,punctuation,grammar, language Surface errors arepervasive enoughthat they impedecommunication ofmeaning.Inappropriate word Frequent andrepetitivemechanical errorsdistract the reader.Inconsistencies inlanguage choice Argument isorderly, but mayhave a fewinconsistencies.The argumentpresents minimaljustification ofclaims. Argumentlogically, but notthoroughly,supports thepurpose. Sourcesused are credible.Introduction andconclusion bracketthe thesis.Some mechanicalerrors or typos arepresent, but are notoverly distractingto the reader.Correct sentence 20.0 %Organization andEffectiveness7.0 %AssignmentDevelopment andPurpose use) 10.0 %Format5.0 %Paper Format (Useof appropriate stylefor the major andassignment) 5.0 %Research Citations(In-text citationsfor paraphrasingand direct quotes,and reference pagelisting andformatting, asappropriate toassignment andstyle)100 %Total Weightage choice and/orsentenceconstruction areused. (register), sentencestructure, and/orword choice arepresent. structure andaudienceappropriatelanguage are used. Template is notused appropriately,or documentationformat is rarelyfollowed correctly. Appropriatetemplate is used,but some elementsare missing ormistaken. A lack ofcontrol withformatting isapparent.Reference page ispresent. Citationsare inconsistentlyused. Appropriatetemplate is used.Formatting iscorrect, althoughsome minor errorsmay be present. No reference pageis included. Nocitations are used. Reference page isincluded and listssources used in thepaper. Sources areappropriatelydocumented,although someerrors may bepresent

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