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The directions are to pick the best match for each and each answer is only used once.This set of subjects is to be matched with the following examples listed after all 14 ethicalityconflict of interestconformity biasethical fadingfundamental moral unitincentive gamingincrementalismmoral agents moral worthframingmoral equilibriumOverconfidence biasrole moralityself serving biasdiffusion of responsibilityexamples are listed here to be matched with the above subjects:1) brokers lowering mortgage standards to increase commissions2) when the job obligations conflict with general ethical obligations3) one has power over the other which is vulnerable4) the ability of the mind to minimize or shut out one thing in favor of another5) humans are ethical, but limitedly so.6) going along with a group decision is an example of7) a boss who says ” our division of the company comes first” is defining8) often happens when good or successful people think they can handle it9) the boiling frog syndrome refers to10) take off your engineering hat and put on your management hat is a famous example of11) the ability of the mind to rationalize what is good for you as right12) when a problem results from decisions made by different people13) I worked hard today so I deserve an expensive dinner on the company is an example of14) a boss dating a subordinate is an example of

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