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Individual Reflection PapersYou must complete ALL of the 3 assigned reflection papers (20 points each). Reflection papers provide a record of key events in the life of your group that may help you write your final paper. They must be turned in on the dates indicated. Each paper should be a minimum of one full page, typed, double-spaced, and no longer than 2 full pages. These represent a timeline that reflects on your class team development as a high- performance work team (or not).Paper No. 2: How are things going?You are half-way (-ish) through the semester. Taking a look back at how your group/team has evolved since you first got together, what is the biggest problem you have faced, both individually and as a group. What was done to solve the problems, if anything? What could have been done to have prevented these problems from occurring? What should have been done after the problems were discovered? You have completed the team evaluation exercise â are the behaviors being rated representative of the work that your team is doing?

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