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The assignment: Once, when asked why Apple didn’t offer more in terms of choices for its customers, Steve Jobs replied, “People don’t know what they want; it’s my job to tell them what they want.” As totalitarian and non-democratic as that may sound, it turned out to be true — if we measure “truth” in terms of financial success for Apple and general satisfaction amongst its customers (how many of you use an iPhone despite having access to less expensive and more feature-rich Android alternatives?).Could a similar argument be made as to why republics fail whereas monarchies do not? In a republic, you get choice, and with that choice comes fragmentation and dysfunction. In a monarchy, your choice is dictated by the king, but if your needs are met, who cares if you don’t have options?Do you agree or disagree that, if it’s the right kind of monarch, he/she would know what you want better than you would?The assignment must be 500-1000 words

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