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Principles of Business Excellence – Assignment TwoAssignment two – Individual – due week 8 (30%)The assignment that I provided in week one, is somewhat vague. I therefore have decided to keep that assignment but to also provide you with an alternative. I suggest you do option two but I am happy if you prefer to do option one as this was indicated previously. Choose ONE of the following options.Option one (provided in week one)Find a company in the UAE which has implemented one of the business excellence frameworks. Analyse the implementation and what the company learnt in implementing the framework. Undertake your research from information available to you. Do not contact the company but see if you can find any secondary information.Option twoSearch in the e-library and find four papers about problems that organisations experienced with implementing a business excellence framework. Discuss the similarities and differences these papers identified in terms of the difficulties and challenges the companies experienced in implementing an excellence framework. Do a critical analysis of the findings. Also summarise what you have learnt from analysing these four papers.Length for option one or two: 5 pages, 11 font and 1.5 line spacing – excluding front page and references.Whatever option you choose, you have to be ready to make a short (10 min) presentation on your findings in week 8 of class. (3-5 slides)Please make sure you accept the Terms and Conditions when you submit your assignment. Also make sure it is in Word format NOT pdf.Please note that Assignment 2 is due 22 Oct at 7pm. Late assignments will not be accepted.

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