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Understanding Psychological Disorders and TherapyChapters 14 and 15 of your textbook describe several disorders and therapies. For this assignment, you are asked to use our textbook and the internet to describe Major Depressive Disorder and explain which therapies might be helpful to those suffering with this disorder (by answering questions 1-6 below).Your paper should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced describing this disorder and how it could be treated. When you use academic sources from the internet and/or the textbook, please provide the references or the textbook page numbers (after each question). Please type the question first, followed by the answer. If you do not type the question followed by the answer, a point will be deducted for each question. Each question is worth 5 points.Based on Chapter 14 of your textbook and the internet:1. Provide the definition for a psychological disorder/mental disorder as described in your textbook. (see pages 560-61). 2. What determines whether a given behavior or symptom qualifies as a psychological disorder/mental disorder based on your textbook? (See pages 560-61).3. Based on the DSM IV TR or DSM 5 criteria, provide a definition of the diagnosis and the symptoms for Major Depressive Disorder. You can find this on the Internet, as your textbook only provides a general summary of the symptoms. Based on Chapter 15 of your textbook and the internet: 4. Define psychotherapy. 5. Define biomedical therapy. 6. What types of therapy would benefit a person with Major Depressive Disorder, please be very specific. In your response to the above questions, when your source is from the internet, please provide the citation of the website and pages from your textbook.cific.

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