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Race Relations:
Template for: Life on the Color Line: The True Story of A
White Boy Who Discovered He Was Black.
By Gregory Howard Williams

As you
read, think about your own identity, and what determines who you are? How
would you feel if your world was suddenly turned upside down and your own
identity/status was suddenly challenged or lost? How do you think it would
change you and the way you see the world.
the following questions to guide your reading-by writing a small
commentary to address these issues.

do the issues of race emerge as the central component of the text?
three of the central characters and think about how race affected there
lives, was it different, the same, or not a factor?
you think the race of the reader will have an impact on how one views the
story, in what ways will the difference manifest itself?

an important passage from the book (approximately 40 lines) and explain
the following:

a. Why do you think this passage
important, how is it connected to the rest of the book, and why did you choose
this passage, and what does it reveal about the plot or character, or setting.

three issues from the book and discuss how the impacted the story, how
they were resolved, and how these issues have changed since then.

1. Education
2. Family
3. Parenting
4. Poverty
5. Racial
6. Racial
7. Dating
8. Community
9. Athletics
10. Alcohol/Drugs

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