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Fermented Product ResearchAddresses Outcomes #1, #2, & #3Recognize fermented food and beverage products in our daily lives and use the underlying scientific knowledge of these products as a guide for their optimal production and/or consumption.Use the understanding of growth conditions of bacteria and fungi to protect food products from undesired spoilage or promote desired fermentation.Use knowledge of the natural interactions that occur between humans and microbes in our environment to assist in making health promoting dietary decisions.In this assignment, you will select a fermented food or beverage from the list provided. After making your selection, you will prepare a 3 page written report about it. The report should include historical information regarding its human development and use, scientific information regarding which microbes are involved in the fermentation and what fermentation products are produced, practical information on how to store the product and tell if it is in good condition, and health information describing what nutritional and/or protective benefits are derived from consuming that product.Choose a fermented product from the following list.YogurtButtermilkKefirSwiss cheeseCottage cheeseBlue cheeseRed wineWhite wineVinegarMeadBeer/AleSakeMeokeoliMisoNattoSoy SauceSourdough breadPicklesSauerkrautKimchi Make sure to include a Reference section in which you provide the full citation of your chosen articles and any additional materials you used to prepare your paper; a full citations includes: title of the article, authors, the scientific journals in which the articles were published, the volume and year of the publication, and the URL where this article can be viewed. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A SOURCE. If you decide to read off Wikipedia make sure to go to the source information (usually given at the bottom of the page) to confirm that the information has been transferred and cited accurately.Refer to for guidance in carrying out the summary and synthesis tasks of this assignment.Make sure that you also read the rules about Plagiarism at This paper is to be written in your own words. Plagiarism will result in a grade of 0.The following criteria will be used when grading your paper:55 % for presentation of correct and accurate scientific information25% for properly adapting writing style to audience10% for the full and proper citation of reference materials10% for the proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph constructionMICRODIET DINING MENU (OUTLINE)TEMPEH:Served with; Probiotic yoghurtFresh milkCold mango squash. NEM CHUA:Served with; Bird’s eye chiliGarlicVietnamese corriander. GRILLED CHIKEN:Served with; Fried rice.ChipsSalad MISO:Served with; Bread and milkChapatti and tea SAWERKRAUT:Served with; Fried riceChips FRIED MUTTON:Served with; PilauSaladJuice (Pineapple, Mango and apple flavours) MUKIMO:Served with; Fried fishFried beefSaladOrange / Tangarine squash SPAGETTI:Served with; Fried muttonMango and Banana squash UGALI:Served with; Fried African traditional vegetables (Managu, Terere and Kunde)Roasted beefRoasted meat CHAPATI;Served with; Pilau and MisoFried beef stewFried chicken and salad FERMENTED FOODS IN THE MENU OUTLINE TempehNem-ChuaMisoSauerkraut

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