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Write a Reflective Journal on 500 words.Reflect upon and analyse issues presented in the prompt below:Consider in your response key ideas/ concepts from resources (and referring to authors using APA referencing).Relate your workplace or region to issues presented in the prompt.Articulate the significance of your learning (why it matters).Identify how you can use your learning, especially in relation to personal, social and professional contexts.Reflective Journal EntryPrompt: âAssumptions of othersâWatch âWhat kind of Asian are you?â at Discuss whether you or someone you know has had a similar experience as portrayed in the film. Describe your thoughts and reactions to the video itself, as well as your emotions relating to your own personal experiences. Apply the theories and ideas you have learnt about in this subject so far to explain the behaviour displayed by both individuals in the film. Explore the work that you have completed for this subject to date to see if you can identify any assumptions of others that you may have written about. Discuss your findings.Note: 1)please watch the video which is given on link. You can find it on YouTube. 2) I live in Sydney, Australia. If you want to give any example about my experience similar to video and want to mention place name than please mention Sydney.

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