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Term ProjectREL 3510JudaismAssignment: Choose a topic of interest from the larger field of Jewish studies and write aresearch paper from 6 to 10 pages in length. You may follow the MLA guide or the ChicagoManual of Style.Choosing a topic: Jewish studies is a large field with many areas and topics of study. Your papermay be historical in natureBancient or modern. It may be religious, philosophical, or theologicalin nature. You could also choose a topic that is cultural in nature involving topics that we havenot covered such as an aspect of Jewish music, the modern Jewish novel, or a period in Jewishhistory such as the Agolden [email protected] in Spain. You could also do a study of contemporary historyor culture.Some suggested topics:1. The origin of Israel in the land of Canaan, or The Hebrew Monarchy in Recent Perspective2. The Fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians3. The Babylonian Exile4. The Hellenistic Crisis5. The Roman Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple6. Reading the Hebrew Bible from a Jewish Perspective7. The Canonization of Hebrew Scripture8. Reading the Bible after the Holocaust (The Midrash of Elie Wiesel)9. Jewish Art: The work of Marc Chagall/ or Contemporary Jewish Music (Klesmer)10. Reading the Biblical Midrash of Elie Wiesel11. The theology of Richard Rubenstein12. The theology of Abraham J. Heschel13. Jewish Worship: The Sabbath14: Jewish Worship: The Passover (or Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement)15. The Fiction of Chaim Potok16. The Pharisees and the Origins of Rabbinic Judaism/ or the Origin of Reform Judaism

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