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Section One- Answer all questions (1-3) in essay format with citations from textbook or primary source1. Research by tracing the implementation of the Nuremberg Laws- record your citations and give your interpretation of it based on civil rights. Include in your answer:a. In these laws, how do the Nazis define who a Jew is?b. How do the Nazis intend to purify German blood?c. How does this legislation conform to Hitler’s racial theories?d. How does it conform to social Darwinism?2. Discuss Revolutions utilizing two of the four Revolutions (listed below) – you may use the text and primary sources:The American RevolutionThe French RevolutionThe Haitian RevolutionThe Latin American Wars of Independence3. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights to story of Malala Yousafzai. Include reference to this event from your text, news articles, web accounts or journal entries: Have third world governments responded to the needs of women?Section 2 – select two questions4. What were the most important outcomes of the Industrial Revolution?5. Discuss Globalization and its impact on Americans today.6. What were the main causes of the Cold War? Discuss the post Cold War period?7. Discuss President Obama’s stance on War and Peace and its impact today on the presidency of Donald Trump – use in the film, Obama’s White House War and peace to address this question

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