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1. Research scenario: To investigate the relationship between a person’s commute time to work and general life stress, a health psychologist interviewed people about the time they spend in their daily commute to work (in minutes) and had them fill out the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) (, with scores ranging from 0 (no perceived stress) to 10 (high perceived stress). Conduct a Pearson correlation coefficient analysis to determine whether there is a relationship between the time spent commuting and perceived stress in this sample.The steps will be the same as the ones you have been practicing in Part One of the assignment—the only difference is that you are now responsible for creating the data file as well. Remember to name and define your variables under the “Variable View,” then return to the “Data View” to enter the data.Time Spent Commuting to Work (mins.)PSS® Stress Score471935152015131918506530403625431578964a) SPSS outputb) Create a simple scatterplot of the relationship between these variables.c) Write an APA-style Results section based on your analyses. All homework “Results sections” should follow the example given in the SPSS tutorials and the Course Content document “Writing Results of Statistical Tests in APA Format.” Remember to include a decision about the null hypothesis. For a correlation analysis, also be sure to include the direction of the relationship between the variables (positive? negative? none?) in your section.

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