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Review “Strategic Alliances” in Chapter 11 “global Business Today” by Charles Hill,7th edition” or in “8th edition Global Business Today’ by Charles Hill” .and read “Management Focus: Cisco and Fujitsu” in your textbook (page 409 in the “global Business Today” by Charles Hill7th edition and page 360 in the “global Business Today” by Charles Hill8th edition). Answer the following questions based on the article and your Chapter 11 readings:Cisco, the world’s largest manufacturer of Internet routers, entered the alliance in 2004 in an effort to jointly develop the next generation of high end routers for sales in Japan. Cisco believed the Japanese market was important, and wanted to expand its presence there. Fujitsu wanted the routers so that it can offer end-to-end communications solutions to its customers.Answer the questions:1. What did Cisco hope to gain by forming an alliance with Fujitsu? What risks are involved for Cisco with this alliance? How can Cisco limit those risks?2. What did Fujitsu bring to the alliance? Why was it important for Cisco to have a Japanese presence? What were the advantages of the alliance for Fujitsu?3. What does the alliance between Cisco and Fujitsu mean to other competitors in the router market?4. Please give a recent example for strategic alliance. Is this alliance a success or failure? What are the key elements of successful strategic partnership. Below are a few examples. Please search for other examples and cite your references.Successful strategic alliances alliance strategic alliances fail (Links to an external site.)

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