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Which of the following leaders adopted a radical economic reform based on “shock therapy”?Dmitry MedvedevBoris YeltsinVladimir PutinMikhail GorbachevOnce the Soviet Union fell apart, the former 15 Soviet republics became their own independent countries. What percentage of the population from the former Soviet Union did the country of Russia inherit?48617651Which one of the changes outlined below did Boris Yeltsin NOT attempt to implement?Complete replacement of the old Soviet ideology with values of individualism, consumerism, responsible free choice, and self-relianceSeeking to overthrow the existing world system and brandishing hostility toward Western and former-Soviet nationsAn almost overnight replacement of a centralized, planned, state-owned economy with a free-market systemExpanding democratic changes that begun under Gorbachev (freedom of speech, press, and assembly; creating a functioning parliament, etc.)

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