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1. The three most electronegative elements (most, 2nd most, 3rd most) are: A) He > F > Cl B) F > Cl > Br C) F > O > N D) Fr > Cs > Rb2. Which compound has a net dipole moment? A) SF6 B) XeF4 C) CBr4 D) CH2Cl2 E) CO23. Consider BrF3 whose Lewis structure is shown at right. Non-bonding electrons on the F’s are omitted for clarity. Is the indicated FBrF angle: A) equal to 90° B) less than 90° C) more than 90° D) nowhere near 90°4. BrF3 can be made from the disproportionation of BrF. In this disproportionation the element oxidized and the element reduced is: A) Br is oxidized and F reduced B) F is oxidized and Br is reduced C) Br is both oxidized and reduced D) F is both oxidized and reduced5. In molecular orbital theory, an orbital which does not contribute to the bond order is term a(n): A) valence orbital B) core orbital C) HOMO D) LUMO E) antibonding orbitalThe

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