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Instructions:Technology makes vast amounts of information (and misinformation) readily available. The challenge is navigating this sea of information. Our goal for your general science education is to develop your scientific literacy. A critical skill you must develop is the ability to find reputable sources for scientific information. There are many sources of high-quality scientific information on the open web, you just need to learn how to spot them.For this week’s discussion:• Select a source of anatomy and physiology information from the open web.• Evaluate the source and explain why it is or is not a credible source of information.• Provide a reference in APA format.Use the name of your source as the title of your forum post. You cannot use a source that one of your classmates’ has already used as a topic for their initial forum post.For your discussion this week, you need to respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial posts and discuss whether you agree or disagree with their assessment and citation and why.Use the following materials for assistance:• Access the Natural Sciences Program Guide from the APUS Online Library at Select the “Websites” tab. Review the links in the “Internet Research: Tips for Science Students” box.• View the following video from Vanderbilt University:• Use the Owl at Purdue site for assistance with APA format: Post Due: Wednesday, by 11:55pm, ETResponses Due: Sunday, by 11:55pm, ETContinue to follow your classmates’ posts for the remainder of the week and post at least 2 follow-up messages to your classmates’ posts prior to 11:55 PM Eastern Time Sunday. Your follow-up posts can add additional insight to your classmates’ opinions and can challenge their opinions. Be sure to read the follow-up posts to your own posts and reply to any questions or requests for clarification.Evaluation/Grading of your Forum AssignmentPostings will be evaluated on their quality and the degree to which the postings promote discussion with classmates. Participation on all Forums is required. Points are allocated as follows based on the original posting and replies (Total of 100 points).A. Original Posting – Content and Analysis (40 points possible). Your Forum entry should be pertinent to the subject matter and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the topics discussed with an appropriate introduction, supporting paragraphs, and conclusions. Forum entries should contain 300-500 words, excluding the references. Don’t forget that your posts should be listed in your own words. Please refer to the “Plagiarism” policy located inside the APUS classroom under the “Policy” link if you have any questions.B. Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation – (10 points possible).C. Response to classmates’ posts – (40 points possible). Due by Sunday. You should respond to a MINIMUM of two of your classmates’ original posts such that you propagate further discussion on the topic assigned. Please note that this portion of the Forum cannot be made up, so make sure you post your responses when due. If you are away from the course for any reason, when you return, you may submit your original post and receive up to the 50 points allowable; however, you will receive no credit for responding to another student’s post because it is after the fact and will be of little value to your classmate.

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