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write a reflective paper about what you have learned from this course. In this essay, you will:1.) explain the sociologist and/ or sociological theory that fits your worldview and explain why (use the header THEORY THAT REFLECTS MY WORLDVIEW)2.) describe three key sociological concepts that you found the most intriguing and tell why (use the header THREE INTRIGUING SOCIOLOCIAL CONCEPTS)3.) give one example of the use of the sociological imagination (a specific example that affects you or someone you know) (use the header EXAMPLE OF THE SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION)4.) explain how your understanding of sociology might help you in understanding your current academic major or job interests (use the header APPLICATION OF SOCIOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE) and5.) give an example of how this course has increased your ability to think critically by examining the social world from a different perspective (use the header THINKING CRITICALLY USING SOCIOLOGY)Your paper must be at least six pages (2000 words) in length (including the cover page) with double spacing and Times New Roman 12-point font. Headers are needed to separate your ideas (use those in BOLD above). In your paper, use the ASA Style Guide, 5th edition to appropriately cite your references (in text and in the reference section). You must cite the text and any other works you use in your paper. DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES from any source. Plagiarized material will result in a grade of 0 for the paper.2-3 citations or references

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