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Hide DescriptionClass Discussion topic context:Many in the United States believe we are in a post-racial/ethnic era. This means that race and ethnicity is no longer significant, and that racism is a thing of the past. Especially with the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, it seems that the post-racial/ethnic belief has been evidenced. However, much sociological research has been able to empirically prove that race and ethnicity still matters and that racism is indeed real and alive. Despite social, economic and educational progress because of changes in racial policies and laws since 1964, much research has cited that the significance of race and ethnicity persists, and comes at a very high cost to people of color, which can come at a high cost to all of society.Read Chapter 11 on Race and Ethnicity in your OpenStax [email protected]:[email protected]/Introduction-to-Race-and-EthniBased on the chapter readings and other research you conduct:1) Discuss the differences between the words prejudice, discrimination, and racism. These words are often used interchangeably or synonymously, and sociologists are very concerned about this lack of understanding regarding the differences in meaning.2) Social scientists clearly understand these words have VERY different meanings and have very different implications for individuals, groups and societies, even in 2017.Provide one clear example (not the definition) for each word using a story or event or condition to better illustrate the differences for each word (illustrate what each word looks and sounds like on the ground). Your examples should be clear and specific regarding the meanings and the implications for individuals, groups and society.3) Based on the definitions and examples cited, in 2017, which of prejudice, discrimination or racism is easiest to prove exists in society and why? In 2017, which of these is the hardest to prove exists in society and why?

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