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Discussed the concept of “socialization.” This is a very important concept in sociology.1. Be sure to read Chapter 4 in the textbook.Also read the “Socialization” and “Primary Socialization” articles in Wikipedia:, write at least a 300 word essay, in your own words, on the following topic:1. What is socialization?2. What is the difference between primary and secondary socialization?3. Where and how does primary socialization usually occur?4. Where does secondary socialization usually occur?5. Several famous thinkers have written a lot about socialization, including Talcott Parsons, Sigmund Freud, George Herbert Mead, Charles Cooley, and Jean Piaget. Chose one of these persons and explain something about their theory of socialization.Remember, you need to USE YOUR OWN WORDS. Also, you need to cite your sources in APA format.

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