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Week 5 discussion
DQ1 Foundations of Persuasion
Think about something you have found online that persuaded
you. It might be a video, an article, or any other form of rhetoric. Let’s have
a few people share a sample with the group and then post a minianalysis for why
it seemed so convincing. Try to be specific as you break down the content.
DQ2 Contemporary Communication
Review this list of possible goals, and begin to discuss how
you might apply them in a contemporary context as a communicator developing
your skills:
To pursue mastery of oral, written, visual, and nonverbal
To use a variety of communication media with proficiency
To continue to use and develop communication skills on an
ongoing basis
To design communication with an audience-centered focus in
To maintain a standard of ethics with communication
To engage in the political process to aid in bettering the
To use communication to foster clarity and understanding
To seek out and learn new ways of enhancing communication

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